XdsObjects Licensing

In order to allow the greatest possible use of XdsObjects by developers of all sizes and types, its is normally licensed on a per-copy basis, avoiding the need for a high initial charge. It may therefore be downloaded and evaluated for a period of up to 60 days, without charge or obligation

Details of costing and availability differ are tailored to different applications and market sectors.


The majority of the users of  XdsObjects are commercial developers, writing applications which they then sell to their own customers. The licensing model is designed to accommodate such users by eliminating the initial outlay often associated with specialist programming tools. As a result, XdsObjects is available free to bona fide commercial developers, who then pay royalties only on copies actually distributed to their customers. All ancillary uses such as development and demonstration are allowed free, as they are in the mutual interests of Medical Connections and the developer.

If you qualify as a genuine commercial developer, please complete, sign and return the developer agreement from the link below. In return you will receive a copy of the software without the 60 day trial limit.

If you would like to see a copy of the agreement, a copy can be viewed by clicking on the link below:



If you wish to buy copies of XdsObjects for use within your own organisation, you may do so by contacting sales@medicalconnections.co.uk or sending your order by fax to +44 1792 390495. In either case, please ensure that the following details are included:

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Company or Hospital Name
  • Address
  • Purchase order number (if used)
  • Invoice name and address if different
  • Numbers and types of license required

Please check the license types as below for details of the different options.

Whichever type of order is placed, you should receive your upgrade package, including a version without a time limit, within a few days.

License Types

A licence must, be obtained for every copy of XdsObjects prior to its use in a clinical environment, and the following charges currently apply to XdsObjects licences. Bulk discounts apply to both commercial developers and end-users after ten copies have been bought.

All prices are subject to VAT where applicable (i.e. in the UK, and in the remainder of the EU to non-registered businesses).

Single workstation applications

  • 200 UK Pounds per licence
  • Applications controlled entirely by a single user, from the PC on which XdsObjects is installed. e.g. document consumers or sources.

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200 GBP Approximately:

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*This price is the base price, discounts of up to 50% still apply - please see below

Multi-access server applications

  • 1000 UK Pounds per licence
  • Applications providing services on-demand to remote applications. e.g. Repository, or XCA Gateway

1000 GBP Approximately:


Not all applications fit into any of these categories, but an agreed licensing model is nearly always found, so please ask. Custom licensing terms are subject to negotiation. Where both DicomObjects and XdsObjects are used together (e.g. for XDS-I applications), then a 50% reduction applies to one of the licenses - i.e. the total cost is 1.5x a single license.

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