XdsObjects Examples

This page contains a set of sample XdsObjects programs - please contact our technical team if you need any help.

Sample Projects Description Download
Simple XDS Document Source/Consumer A simplified version of Document Source and Consumer project that allows users to submit a document then query and retrieve it
Advanced XDS Document Source/Consumer A more advanced Document Source and Consumer project that also allows user to specify more patient information and codes
Sample XDS Registry This is a simpler version of the Registry compared to the Enterprise example further down the list
Simple XDS Repository A simple XDS Repository that receives a Provide and Register request, performs a Register to the linked Registry and sends back the response
XCA Gateways Demonstrates how both XDS Initiating and Responding Gateway can be implemeneted with the help of XdsObjects
XdsObjects License Manager Shows how to manage XdsObjects licences on your system. It demonstrates the basic functions to add or remove licences.
Enterprise example (illustration of a basic XDS workflow) A full scale XDS Document Source/Consumer/Registry/Repository suite that demonstrates the basic XDS workflow

To download a free copy of XdsObjects and obtain a 60 day trial license key, please go to our Downloads and Examples page