Native WPF support in DicomObjects

As a result of the survey we did a few months ago, and informal communications, it is clear that many developers are currently using (or plan to use) DicomObjects within a WPF environment, and that a “native” WPF interface to DICOM images might be useful to them.

After a lot of experimentation (and a few false starts), I have now managed to get a very basic implementation of an ImageSource (derived from D3DImage) working, which seems to function well (if rather primitive at the moment). Before going further with this (as WPF is not my primary area of expertise), I would like to solicit input from potential users as to the most convenient and flexible form in which to provide this native support. For instance, at least the following 3 possibilities occur to me (and there may be more):

  1. The ImageSource (derived from D3DImage) which I have already implemented – which has a DicomImage as a property. You then wrap this into an “Image” to display on your UI.
  2. Deriving a class from Image (System.Windows.Controls.Image), which likewise has a DicomImage property.
  3. Deriving a UI class from something such as a Grid, to act as an analogue of a DicomViewer

I'm therefore opening this up for discussion.  If you're happy to communicate in public, then please leave a comment below (you must login first), but of course, you're also free to contact me privately if you prefer.

I’ll be happy to distribute proof of concept versions for users to experiment with the API once I have at least the start of a consensus on the best approach.