DicomObjects Documentation

In order to help users, potential users and developers get the best out of DicomObjects, full documentation is now available at this site. This takes two forms, a user manual, and the help file.

The user manual takes a broad overview of DicomObjects, and explains in relatively simple terms how to write DICOM applications using DicomObjects. In particular, it covers the following:

  • General principles, and getting started with DicomObjects
  • How to read, write, retrieve and send images
  • Writing an advanced image review application
  • Writing a full-scale DICOM server
  • Using DICOM within web applications
  • Using modality worklist (SCU & SCP)
  • Printing
  • DICOMDIR creation and reading
  • Creating DICOM images from other formats or from scratch

The user manual is currently aimed at those using the COM version, but a .NET version will be available soon, and most of the principles still apply to both versions. It is available as an Adobe PDF which is about 400k.

Full integrated help is included as part of both the COM and .NET versions of DicomObjects, but for reference purposes, stand-alone DicomObjects help files are also available here. Both are supplied as .hm files to avoid compatibility problems with Vista.