DicomObjects | DICOM API/SDK


DicomObjects is a well established and tested library for using DICOM which is available for both .NET and ActiveX/COM environments. It is designed to allow programmers to incorporate DICOM easily into their projects.

DicomObjects API / SDK is designed to make DICOM development very simple, hiding most of the complexities within the toolkit, giving you a simple high-level API / SDK which can be used for just about any DICOM application. Whether the program is a simple viewer, an associated application such as a worklist server, or a full-scale PACS, all have been accomplished many times with DicomObjects. Examples for these and many more applications are included in the free download.

The support staff here at Medical Connections Ltd are accustomed to helping those “new” to DICOM, and we pride ourselves on getting new developers introduced to the subtleties of DICOM so if you have a question please ask us: support@medicalconnections.co.uk.


DicomObjects API / SDK DICOM toolkit can be used with a variety of development tools, the API / SDK has been used and tested on Visual Studio (C#, Visual Basic, ASP, etc), Delphi, Access, Mono, VBScript and more via our two versions of DicomObjects. The two versions include DicomObjects COM Object Model version and a DicomObjects .NET library version

Virtually any type of application concerned with medical imaging can easily be written using our DicomObjects API / SDK, but here are some suggestions:

  • DICOM Viewing applications
  • Teleradiology
  • Secondary capture stations
  • Image archiving and storage
  • Web-based image retrieval
  • Quality assurance
  • Ad-hoc customised interfaces
  • Import and export of non_DICOM data
  • “On-the-fly” data manipulation and correction
  • Intelligent Image routing


  • Free of charge for 60 day trial
  • Still free after that for genuine commercial development, testing and marketing
  • Royalties are only payable for copies put into production use

Full descriptions of the products availability, Licensing Terms and details of 3rd party tools are available on the Licensing Page


Download DicomObjects

Data Handling

  • All DICOM DIMSE composite operations:
  • All Normalised operations
  • Reading and modificaiton of attributes, including sequences
  • Import and exporting to/from external files, including video
  • Support for all DICOM Web services
    • WADO (all versions), QIDO and STOW
  • Hooks for DICOM encryption

Viewer Capabilities

  • Display of all basic DICOM image types, including encapsulated PDF
  • Video/Cine, including MPEG encapsulation and other cine
  • Full Presentaiton State support
  • Multiple 3D modes
    • MPR, MIP and Volume rendering
  • On-screen measuremements
  • Extensive set of annotation tools