Custom Development

Although DicomObjects and XdsObjects have been used by hundreds of developers around the world, the greatest source of expertise and knowledge about it is undoubtedly found at the source, here at Medical Connections. Whilst we have a strict policy of not selling finished products to end-users (we do not wish to compete with our own developers customers!), we do have sufficient spare capacity to write applications for those who wish to sell them on to others, but who may not have the time, experience or resources to write their own applications from scratch. Such applications are always provided as source code, using DicomObjects and/or XdsObjects, allowing you to modify and enhance as you wish.

Here you can see a small selection of custom development works that we have done recently:

Please contact for more details of terms, rates and availability.

Alternatively, we are happy to publicise the offers to do such work by others, who may be closer or have more appropriate language than us.