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Label Alignment

DicomObjects.NET In DicomObjects.NET version, Label alignment can be done using StringFormat property of the DicomLabel. DicomLabel.StringFormat.Alignment.(near, center, far) // Horizontal Alignment DicomLabel.StringFormat.LineAlignment.(near, center, far) // Vertical Alignment Please NOTE Label Alignment is relative to the area available for the text. The following CSharp code shows how to put a DicomLabel on the Right Top corner of a DicomImage, and a Label in the center of the Image. DicomLabel rightTop, center; rightTop = new DicomLabel(); rightTop.

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LabelType: Formatted

The LabelType “Formatted” in .NET version of DicomObjects provides a very useful way to access the value of any DicomImage property. For property which has a shortcut name, you can just put the name of the property within a pair of square brackets. You can also specify the “Group” and “Element” of any particular attribute. The code shows how to use the formatted label.

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LabelType: doBitmap

We have to admit the term “Bitmap” is a bit confusing for most people. It is actually a DICOM term for “map of bits”, not the common Bitmap graph. What you have for label type Bitmap is a collection of dots, positions of which are specified in the Points property of that label object: Say you want to create the following logo at the top left hand corner of the viewer using bitmap(/img/kb/DoBitMap2.

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