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Significance of AssociationClosed Event

Should I use AssociationClosed Event¬†? The AssociationClosed Event is provided in both COM & .NET versions, but by default disabled as it is very easy for most people to misuse it. DicomObjects.COM: So, in COM, if you need to use it you have to first enable it either by adding a real registry entry “DisableAssociationClosed” in the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Medical Connections/DicomObjects/DisableAssociationClosed or using DicomGlobal function: Dim g As New DicomGlobal g.

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Some Systems Behave Badly when sent One Image Per Association

Unfortunately, the designers of some systems seem never to have bothered to read the DICOM standard. The only legal way to group images into series and studies is by using their UIDs, but there is a problem as DICOM has no simple “end of study” marker, and therefore many badly-designed (but common!) systems make the mistake of assuming that the end of an association equals the end of a study.

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