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How to implement C-GET in .NET

C-GET in the .NET version of DicomObjects can be done via DicomQuery object or DicomConnection object DicomQuery.Get and DicomConnection.Get. Following are sample VB.NET code to show how to implement C-GET using DicomQuery and DicomConnection Objects. DicomQuery.Get() DimqAsNewDicomObjects.DicomQuery DimresultsAsDicomObjects.DicomDataSetCollection DimresultAsDicomObjects.DicomDataSet q.Root="STUDY"' Root q.Level="IMAGE"' Level q.Node="localhost"' IP address of Remote SCP q.Port=105' Port number of Remote SCP q.PatientID="222.22.2222"' Patient ID q.StudyUID="999.999.2.19941105.112000"' Study UID q.SeriesUID="1.2.826.0.1.3680043.4.1.19990124221049.3"' Series UID q.InstanceUID="1.2.826.0.1.3680043.4.1.19990124230602.1"' Instance UID results=q.

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