Using DicomObjects to make a Web Viewer

There are (at least!) 3 approaches to making a “web viewer” using DicomObjects:


Everything comes to/from the server as HTML/JPEG, so it works on ANY browser. Everything you want COULD be done that way (yes, even the magnifier), but unless you were on a very fast LAN, speed would probably not be acceptable

Simple ActiveX Controls

You do the page with one or more DicomViewer controls embedded directly in the web page. This is relatively easy, and you can even do things like magnifiers (by using Area based positioning, need to set the Viewer's Container's ScaleMode to Pixel and Viewer's UseScrollBars to false), but your “look and feel” is determined by the browser’s layout eccentricities, so you could never be sure exactly where the browser would choose to put any extra second viewers (e.g. to hold thumbnails)

Composite ActiveX Control

You use VB to build a control which has one or more DicomViewers within it, and then use THAT control in the web page (thereby using the DicomViewer control indirectly). Many developers have found this a very useful mechanism, but there are technical licensing complications as bugs in VB and/or IE mean that the normal mechanism for passing licensing information to the viewer fails. There is a workaround for trusted developers – please contact medical connections for details.


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