Remove and Re-Import DicomObjects ActiveX in Delphi

Remove DicomObjects Completely From Delphi

  • Open up the dclusr.dpk file, if that’s where you installed DicomObjects:

  • Click on Remove button from the top menu bar. And choose DicomObjects_TLB.dcr and DicomObjects_TLB from the "Remove From Project" Window:

  • Click on OK to remove DicomObjects, then Click on Compile to force the update. Now you should have all DicomObjects components disappear from the ActiveX tab. Save the change and close sclusr.dpk.


Import DicomObjects to Delphi

  • Click on Project from the top menu bar and choose "Import Type Library".
  • Click on Add button and locate DicomObjects.ocx.
  • Click on Install button and you will get "Package dclusr.bpl will be rebuilt. Continue?" message, click on yes.
  • Save the change and close sclusr.dpk.
  • Now you should get everything from DicomObjects on the ActiveX tab:


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