Reasonable PACS Performance

What is believed to be a reasonable performance for PACS?

Obviously you cannot expect the system to exceed the network capacity, so for typical 512k CT slices, a 100MBps network could give you about 10 MBYTE/second = about 20 slices/second uncompressed. So if the benchmark system gives 30-40 slices then it is presumably using lossless compression (which we normally recommend for this very reason). We would regard this as a sensible benchmark figure irrespective of the nominal network speed, as GBit ethernet "falls-back" according to the line properties, and you cannot simply extrapolate to expect 100 MegaByte/second (i.e. 200 images/second).

So to summarise: Hope for 100+ images/second; Expect: 20-50 slices/second; Set minimum at 10 or 15.


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