Multi Planar Reconstruction

The Com version of DicomObjects allows developers to implement a Multi Planer Reconstruction for a given set of image slices.

The existing MakeMultiFrame method can be used to create a single ‘multi frame’ image where each frame represents an image slice as opposed to an actual frame. DicomObjects then allows this single image to be viewed by plane. To do this set the plane property of the DicomImage, the image can be viewed from any combinations of the xyz axis e.g. (doPlaneXY) (doPlaneXZ) (doPlaneYZ). You will notice that when the plane has been changed the 'Frame' property is no longer applicable. Instead you will need to use the position property. The reason for this is that not all planes will contain the same number of ‘frames’ as the number of frames is dependent on the plane. The Frame property is really only intended for use with cine images.

The angle of the displayed plane may be changed by setting the HingeX, HingeY properties of the image. The hinge value is the tan of the angle between the displayed plane and the main plane.

Note before creating a single multi frame image you may need to sort the images in order i.e. sort them by their z position. This is required so that the images that form the volume are in the correct position within the stack. See our article on Sorting_Images.

This is still a relatively new feature of DicomObjects but the relevant methods and properties are covered in the latest help file.


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