MPEG-1 in DicomObjects (COM Version)

DICOM does not support or allow MPEG-1, and as the movement is towards higher versions of MPEG, it never will. So, those who wish to import MPEG-1 videos into DICOM should convert them to MPEG-2 and then import them, but for those who (for whatever reason) cannot, DicomObjects from onwards (only .5 versions support video) allows use of MPEG-1 via a private transfer syntax, which is 1.2.826.0.1.3680043.12.1.

The following rules/restrictions apply:

  • By default, an attempt to import MPEG-1 will result in an error (previous versions confusingly accepted and displayed as if it were MPEG-2, which produced an error on re-reading)
  • In order to enable import of MPEG-1, the "AllowMPEG1" registry value (int) must be set to 1. This will:
    • cause DicomObjects, to allow the import
    • set the internal transfer syntax (ReceivedSyntax) to 1.2.826.0.1.3680043.12.1 when MPEG-1 images are imported.
    • MPEG-2 is still imported properly using the official transfer syntax
  • If you are using this method, then you must use this transfer syntax or a non-MPEG (frame by frame) method when subsequently saving to disk, or sending via the network, as conversions between different MPEG versions are not supported.
  • There are no restrictions on reading files/network images using that private transfer syntax, but of course, no systems other than DicomObjects will have a clue how to use it - BEWARE!!

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