License Manager

License manager is a small example program which can be used to view, delete, and or activate licenses. It serves 2 purposes:

  1. It can be used "as is" (as the executable is included) for those needing to use these functions, but who do not wish to modify their own programs.
  2. The source code of the license manager project is provided, giving an example of how to use the DicomLicense class to achieve these aims.

In order to keep it small, and to avoid confusion with different version of DicomObjects, DLLs are not included in the download zips, and so:

  • If using as the executable, then copies of the DicomObjects DLLs you are currently using should be copied into the same directory as the program (or alternatively, it may be copies into your existing program's run directory)
  • Another option is to run these exe's and dynamically reference your copy of DicomObjects when asked to do so by the program (you simply run the program and locate DicomObjects dll on your machine).
  • If recompiling from the source code, you will need to update the references to point to where you have copies of the DicomObjects DLLs on your machine.

Pre-compiled executables and the project source code can be downloaded from our Sample Programs Page



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