LabelType: doBitmap

We have to admit the term "doBitmap" is a bit confusing for most people. It is actually a DICOM term for "map of bits", not the common Bitmap graph. What you have for label type doLabelBitmap is a collection of dots, positions of which are specified in the Points property of that label object:

Say you want to create the following a logo at the top left hand corner of the viewer using bitmap

Then the code to generate the bitmap would be

   Dim Mylabel As New DicomLabel
   Mylabel.LabelType = doLabelBitmap
   Dim P As Integer
   Dim Size As Integer
   Size = 50
   Dim Radius As Integer
   Radius = Size / 4
   For P = 1 To Size
       Mylabel.AddPoint P, P      'diagonal line
       Mylabel.AddPoint P, 0      'top line
       Mylabel.AddPoint 0, P      'Left hand line
       Mylabel.AddPoint Size, P   'Right Hand Line
       Mylabel.AddPoint P, Size   'Bottom line
   For P = 0 To 359               'circle
       Mylabel.AddPoint Radius * Sin(P * Pi / 180) + Size / 2, Radius * Cos(P * Pi / 180) + Size / 2
   Viewer.CurrentImage.Labels.Add Mylabel

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