In House Licensing Scheme


The main features of the new system are as follows:

  • All versions of DicomObjects.NET whether for evaluation, development or user deployment, are based purely on the license key entered at activation time.
  • The license may be changed or updated after the initial activation, enabling say an evaluation version to be changed into a full version simply by supplying a key
  • Activation keys can be supplied as single-machine or multi-machine variations, and can have various limitations. In all cases though, the number of activations is recorded on a central web server.
  • There are 6 activation options:
    • Normal "on-line" activation - an Internet connection is required from the workstation.
    • Off line activation - Web activation from a second computer.
    • Automated registration for end user online workstations. (Using DicomObjects.DicomLicense.ActivateOnLine)
    • Automated registration for end user offline workstations. (Using DicomObjects.DicomLicense.ActivateOffLine)
    • In extreme cases we can also activate over the phone although this is not a preferred method.
    • For restricted applications such as viewers distributed on CDs, an alternative method can used, tied to a hash of your application.
  • There are 3 categories of license:
    • Evaluation
      • Good for 60 days as currently
      • Full functionality
      • One nag screen per day
    • Development
      • Good for 2 years (renewable)
      • Full functionality
      • Allows up to 5 activations (i.e. use of 5 machines), but this can be extended on request
      • A reminder that it is not for production use once every 10 days
    • End-user
      • Functionality controlled by license sub-type
      • No expiry (unless by developer request!)
      • No reminders (unless license is expiring)
  • All developer and end-user licences will be specific to a particular developer, and activations based on them will be traceable by Medical Connections.
  • End-user licences will normally be multi-user with enough spare activations to permit installations at any time without recourse back to Medical Connections, allowing continuation of the current normal practice of "install now, license later", but with a record of installations.
  • Customised license scenarios may be possible (e.g. concurrent use or time limited)
  • Whilst "normal" activation will be interactive, it is possible to initiate activation programmatically for use such as web servers where interactive use may not be possible.
  • Whilst this system will keep an accurate record of activations, it does not replace the human element in licencing, and flexibility for trial installations, redundancy or even errors will remain as ever!

For further information please see In_House_Licensing_Scheme_FAQs


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