How to import DicomObjects in BDS 2006

This is a general question about how to import an ActiveX (NOT just DicomObjects) control in Borland Developer Studio 2006.

There are 2 possible approaches:



Import Yourself

  1. Open BDS 2006 and select File | New | Package - C++Builder.
  2. Select Component | Import Component, select the appropriate kind of component, then hit Next.
  3. Click the Add button and select your .ocx, .dll, .tlb, and so forth, file. Highlight the component in the list of controls and hit Next.
  4. Set the Palette Page (this is where the component will appear in the tool palette) and pay attention to the Unit Dir Name field. The Unit Dir Name is the directory where your component's .cpp, .h, and other files will be generated. Hit Next.
  5. Select "Add unit to PackageName.bdsproj project" and hit Finish.
  6. Bring up the Project Manager and right-click on the package (the .bpl file) and click Install. This will build, register, and install the component into the tool palette.

Some additional notes follow. These are not vital to the control importation process but will help explain what happens...

In step 5, if you don't want the component to be installed into the tool palette, then select "Create unit" instead. The generated files will go into the directory specified by Unit Dir Name, which is C:\Program Files\Borland\BDS\4.0\Imports by default, and can still be used in your code.

Be sure to save your package project. The .bdsproj file is your package's project file, and the .bpl file is the compiled package.

Use a Pre-prepared Package

File for this are available on the Medical Connection web site:


After downloading these files, Click Component -> Install Packages -> Add -> (select Dicomobjects43.bpl).
DicomObjects should appear on the ActiveX palette.

Please feel free to edit this page with any further information you find useful or necessary!


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