Frequently Asked Questions


DICOM Services

Storage (C-STORE)

Why does the system I'm sending images to treat them as only one image per study?

See: Some_Systems_Behave_Badly_when_sent_One_Image_Per_Association


C-FIND works with my PACS server but C-MOVE Doesn't - Why?

See: C-MOVE_Problems

Why is my request for the modality in a study level query being ignored?

See: Filtering_on_and_Retrieving_the_"Modality"_in_a_C-FIND

Modality Worklist

Why is one modality not accepting my MWL data, which works well for other equipment?

See: Requirements_for_StudyUID_in_Modality_Worklist_Results


How do I Improve the Quality of Labels on film, as they appear low resolution?

See: How_to_Improve_the_Quality_of_Labels_when_Printing

How do I Print Images "True Size"?

See: Printing_"True_Size"_Images

Display Questions

How can I get the fastest performance for cine images such as cardiac angiograms?

See: Cine_Performance

How can I make windowing, zooming and panning as fast and smooth as possible?

See: Windowing_and_Scrolling_Speed

Why do the Width and Level properties have no effect on my image?


General Network Questions

How can I control the Transfer Syntaxes used by DicomObjects to send or receive images?

See: Transfer_Syntax_Control_on_the_Network

How can I get a log of the network traffic to/from DicomObjects?

See: Logging

General Programming Questions

Why do I get an out-of-bounds error when accessing elements of the Pixels Array?

See: Three_Indices_needed_when_using_the_Pixels_Property

Why can I not delete a file I have read using readFile?

See: Deleting_Files_Which_have_been_Read_using_ReadFile


Where can I find the Conformance Statement for DicomObjects?

See: Conformance_Statement_for_DicomObjects

Web Development

Why does my Web Server not send out DICOM files?

See: Configuring_a_Web_Server_to_send_out_DICOM_files

CD Usage

How can I make an application using DicomObjects run from CD etc. without needing to be registered by an administrator?

See: Avoiding_the_Need_to_Register_DicomObjects

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