DicomObjects.NET Licensing Issue on 64Bit machine

DicomObjects stores the license in Windows Registry so activation needs to be done only once. This works fine in 32bit machine as there is only 1 registry. But bcause 64bit machines keep 2 separate registries (1 for 32bit and 1 for 64) DicomObjects.NET version 5.6.2 and 5.6.3 is having trouble seeing both registries. As a result, one may have activated a copy of DicomObjects in 32 bit mode but if the application is running in 64bit mode it will fail to see the installed license - "causing .... Function is NOT licensed" error.

To prove this, you can download both 32bit and 64bit license manager programs and run them side by side:

One can see the license and one can't!


  1. Use the latest version of DicomObjects.NET version 5.7 or higher which handles this problem.
  2. Activate a duplicate copy of the license on the target machine so that your application can "see" the license. Make sure you make a notes during activation and say "this is a duplicate license to solve the 64bit licensing issue" therefore we will  NOT regard this as new activation.



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