Configuring a Web Server to send out DICOM files

Whilst the DicomObjects ReadURL method is extremely useful for web projects, some people have problems configuring their web servers to allow DICOM files to be sent. The solution is of course different for different web servers:

Microsoft IIS 6.0

Access the properties for your web site (easiest way is right click on My Compter, and select "Manage", then open up "Services and Applications", then "Internet Information Service" then find your web site - normally the default one).

  • Right click on the web site and select properties
  • Select the HTTP Header Tab (really intuitive!)
  • In the bottom section (MIME Types) click on "File Types..."
  • Add a new file type:
    • Associated Extension = dcm
    • Content Type = Application/DICOM
  • "OK" back out of the whole list
  • Keep in mind that files must have an extension that matches the associated extension. On IIS6/Windows systems this is usually .DCM

Setting up Security

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