Avoiding accepting private SOP classes

Many pieces of equipment will try to negotiate both a Private_SOP_class and an official DICOM SOP_Class for the images they send to a PACS, on the basis that only a PACS from the same manufacturer will accept the private one, with everyone else accepting only the DICOM one. It is important that this behavior is maintained at the PACS in order to avoid accidentally accepting the private class(es).

The following pseudo-code (which will vary slightly from one development language to another) shows the principles:

Private Sub Viewer_AssociationRequest(CallingAE As String, CalledAE As String, \
   CallingIPAddress As String, Association As Long, isOK As Boolean, \
   Contexts As DicomObjects.DicomContexts)
  Dim cxt As DicomContext
  For Each cxt In Contexts
    If Left(cxt.AbstractSyntax, 14) <> "1.2.840.10008." Then
       cxt.Reject 3
    End If
End Sub

When the equipment finds that the private SOP class has been rejected, then it will automatically create and send a proper and official DICOM SOP Instance


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