Anonymisation of DICOM Objects

DicomObjects is commonly and successfully used for Anonymisation and all the required data changes are easy using DicomObjects - the real problem is working out what needs changing! This subject is a real "Pandora's box", and whilst changing IDs, names etc. is easy, the more you look into it, the more "Hidden" patient information you find e.g.:

  • dates and times of examinations and accession numbers buried within UIDs
  • private data [who knows what's in there?] - see Removing_Private_Attributes
  • Study date and time + institution + referring doctor…would that be enough to identify someone?


If you change UIDs, then to keep studies and series together, you need to do so consistently, which may require a database of previously "seen" UIDs together with their replacements. You have to consider whether you'd need to change referenced image lists (e.g. localisers) to match.


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