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Thank you for your interest in XdsObjects.  If you are a new user, then you should download one of these 2 versions, wrapped as complete installers, depending on your chosen development environment:

You may also find these links to help files and samples useful:

If however, you are an established customer, looking for the latest updates, and you have a login authorising access, then please use this link, rather than the above:

  • Latest XDS versions (you need to login to be able to download latest versions)

When you first run any program which uses XdsObjects, you will be asked for a license key. If you provided a valid e-mail address in the download form, then you will have been e-mailed a trial key good for 60 days, but if this does not arrive, then you can use "2 day trial" for now - please contact support@medicalconnections.co.uk if you need help.

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