Medical Connections provides full support for developers using DicomObjects, and most of our loyal customers say that the quality of the support is one of the most important reasons for them choosing and staying with DicomObjects. Many forms of support can be used:

  • In many cases, the answers to questions can be found within this web site - either by checking the main documentation or by searching the knowledgebase (as part of whole site search).
  • The preferred method of initial communication is e-mail, via the address In most cases, we will ask you to send us examples of problem images, log files etc. For very large files, you can use the "File Upload" facility, which accepts files up to 500 Meg.
  • During UK business hours, we can be contacted by telephone on +44 1792 390209 (or other numbers and methods as listed on the Contacts page).
  • When necessary, we have facilities to provide direct support using GoToAssist, allowing us to share a screen with you.

In return for the above excellent support, all we ask is that support requests should be channelled via the developer - whilst we may sometimes need to communicate directly with your customers, that is not our normal mode of operation!

For "self service", please use the search form to get started, but do ask if you need help!