New stable releases and new release policy

We have today announced a new policy for toolkit releases, and associated new long term support versions of DicomObjects (COM & .NET)

The new policy is available on the web site at and clarifies that the new versions released this week will be supported essentially unchanged (with only bug fixes and ​changes to the DICOM standard) for at least 5 years.  A similar stable version of XdsObjects will be released soon.  We will of course continue to release tested and deployable copies with newer features added, but only one of those will be current at a time.  To make this policy work well for everyone, we have made some other associated changes:

  1. Although the .NET long-term stable release includes a copy built to run on CLR 3.5, this is the last version we will make for this environment, as the increasing focus on DICOM web services means that we will need to use features only available in CLR 4.0 and above.  For now, we have no plans to move to higher versions of the CLR, as no features specific to those versions are needed, but that might change in the future, in which case CLR 4.0 support would continue for many years, as we have done with CLR 3.5.
  2. The COM version of DicomObjects remains a core part of our portfolio, and will continue for many years.  In fact, version 8 is much more closely aligned with the .NET version than previous versions.
  3. We will no longer release any new versions of DicomObjects earlier than Version 8 - either for COM or .NET.  
  4. In view of this decision to retire older versions, we have decided that we will not from now on charge upgrade fees for those developers who wish to upgrade their existing deployed copies which have licenses prior to version 8.

The downloadable installers with samples have been upgraded to match these new versions, and we anticipate that the installer will normally use the latest available long-term stable version.

To obtain the latest copies described above, please visit the download page:

For technical questions about any of the above, please contact:

For commercial questions, please contact