Deactivating licences

Installed licences can be deleted in different ways as described in the following steps:
  1. Programmatically - you could do something like this from your code:

.NET (C# code snippet)
DicomLicense.DeactivateOnline(CustomerInfo1, CustomerInfo2)  

Activating licences

Different ways of activating licences:

  1. Programmatically
  2. Licence manager
  3. Offline activation
  4. Special licensing


Both online and offline licence activation can be done using different methods as shown below:

How to make Rad69 request without using DicomObjects

In XdsObjects, we have made a new method for retrieving Imaging Document sets without the dependency to DicomObjects.

And here is the C# sample code to show you how to make a Rad69 request without using DicomObjects:

Configuring TLS on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008


The XDS Toolkit can be used to create applications that are self-hosted services and communicate using HTTP and HTTPS/TLS.  One example is an XDS Repository Actor that runs as a Windows service and requires both server (for Provide and Register Document Set and Retrieve Document Set transactions) and client (for Register Document Set transaction) endpoints.


In House Licensing Scheme


The main features of the new system are as follows:


XDS for Imaging (XDS-I) is an extension to the IHE XDS protocol explicitly for imaging, which stores a DICOM Key_Image_Note (aka Key_Object_Selection_Document) as the stored object in the Document Repository which in turn lines to the images in the "Image Source" (normally the original PACS, or perhaps a regional equivalent).

Key Object Selection Document

A Object Selection Document can be thought of as a Structured_Report without the report!

Whilst this might sound stupid, it makes sense as they are used merely as a "manifest with a purpose", sharing most of the attributes of Structured_Reports.

There are multiple names by which this object type is commonly known:

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