Number of Overlays in Image

How overlay data is stored

There are two ways of storing overlays in DICOM Image:

  • Overlay data stored in unused bit planes of the Pixel Data (7FE0,0010) with Samples Per Pixel (0028,0002) of 1. This usage has now retired.
  • Overlay data stored in separate "Overlay pixel data" attribute (60xx,3000).


To create a DICOM Image Histogram Module, users of DicomObjects can use the DicomImage.Histogram method, which returns an array containing the distribution of the raw pixel values.

DicomImage.Histogram(Min, Max, BinSize)


Transport Layer Security

DICOM Transport Layer Security (DICOM TLS) is derived from SSL 3.0 and is largely compatible with it.

For samples showing how to use DICOM TLS in DicomObjects (COM & .NET), please see the examples page

Please check part 15 of the DICOM standard for more information about TLS.


As association is the DICOM term for a network connection between two applications, one of which is the Service_Class_User (SCU - client) and the other is the Service_Class_Provider (SCP - server). It is basically a TCP connection, but with extensive negotiation between the two entities to agree which SOP_Classes and options they both support.

License Manager

License manager is a small example program which can be used to view, delete, and or activate licenses. It serves 2 purposes:

Implement Centered Zoom in DicomObjects.NET

Implementing the Centered Zoom function in .NET version of DicomObjects is lot simpler and neater than the COM version (Sample VB6 program which demonstrates how to do this in DicomObjects.COM can be downloaded from here).

Below is the code, if you want the image to be centered zoom, all you need to do is replace LastXforZoom and LastYforZoom by Viewer.Width/2 and Viewer.Height/2:

Viewer's MouseDown Event:

How to choose which IP Address you connect from

When a PC has multiple IP Addresses, sometimes people would like to specify one of them to be used for connecting out to other DICOM AEs. This can be easily achieved in the .NET version of DicomObjects. The following VB.NET 2005 sample code shows how this could be done:

Aligning Mammography Images in DicomObjects.NET

Sometimes people want to right-align Mammography images, so that they can have a pair sitting alongside each other, with the Image on the left being right-aligned and the Image on the right left-aligned.

In DicomObjects.NET, you only have 3 alignment options:

  • None
  • StretchCentred
  • StretchTopLeft

We might add the StretchTopRight option later, but for now, you can use the following code to do the same.


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