Cannot show DicomViewer in .NET Designer

When using DicomObjects.NET and adding a DicomViewer on the the form in the designer, some people may have the following error message:


There are three types of Refresh in DicomObjects:

Internal Refresh

This routine fires automatically when any of the following display settings gets changed:

Mpeg2 Support

The com version of DicomObjects supports Dicom encoded Mpeg2,which provides a means of displaying these image to a DicomViewer control. DicomObjects achieves Mpeg2 support by using the Directshow architecture to decode the mpeg data, whether it be a dicom encoded Mpeg or a raw mpeg file. Remember to use the Video version of DicomObjects i.e the version that has a version number ending with .5. This video version of DicomObjects is available for download from the Medical Connections website.


Drag and Drop

Using Drag and Drop from DicomViewer COM object, to another application, in .NET environment.

In order to enable drag and drop from a DicomViewer COM object, in .NET environment, Follow the following steps:

In the definition part of the dicom viewer (in the form "InitializeComponent" section), add the following line:

this.axDicomViewer1.MouseDownEvent += new AxDicomObjects.IDicomViewerEvents_MouseDownEventHandler(this.axDicomViewer1_MouseDown);

Then implement axDicomViewer1_MouseDown:

How to implement C-GET in .NET

C-GET in the new .NET version of DicomOjects can be done via DicomQuery object or DicomConnection object:

  • DicomQuery.Get ( 2 Overload Methods )
  • DicomConnection.Get

Following are sample VB.NET code to show how to implement C-GET using DicomQuery and DicomConnection Objects.

DicomLabel Points

What's in the DicomLabel.Points array?

DicomLabel.Points is an array of pairs [X1, Y1, X2, Y2, ... Xn, Yn]. The order of the pairs is the order the points are added to the DicomLabel.


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