Deactivating licences

Installed licences can be deleted in different ways as described in the following steps:
  1. Programmatically - you could do something like this from your code:

.NET (C# code snippet)
DicomLicense.DeactivateOnline(CustomerInfo1, CustomerInfo2)  

Speed options for 3D rendering

Whilst DicomObjects (COM & .NET) have been optimised to provide reasonably fast 3D rendering, there are times when (depending on the capabilities of the machine, and the nature of the data) it may be necessary to use "simplified" data for interactive rendering, to give best possible response times.  In most of the cases, this is best done by activating the feature on mouse-down etc. and then disabling (returning to default values) on mouse-up etc.

Frame Level Retrieval

Frame Level Retrieval (DICOM Supplement 119) is written by Dr. David Harvey, our managing director, and is fully supported by DicomObjects.

There are 2 (actually 3, with the 3rd one using Content Time values to specify a Time Range) ways to ask for specific frames:

Simple Frame List

Contains a list of frame numbers, each specifying a frame to be included in the returned object.

Activating licences

Different ways of activating licences:

  1. Programmatically
  2. Licence manager
  3. Offline activation
  4. Special licensing


Both online and offline licence activation can be done using different methods as shown below:

Rendering System.Drawing.Image as a DicomLabel

Out of the many label types available in DicomObjects .NET, LabelType.Image can be used to directly reference a System.Drawing.Image object (jpg, png, bmp, etc) ,and to be rendered as a DicomLabel on the viewer.

Code snippet:

Signing ASP.NET Web Application with MC ApplicationSigningTool

For information on how to use the Application Signing Tool, see the Signing exes with specific licence keys article.

To sign the asp.net web application is the same process, but with some extra steps to follow.

1) Sign YourWebApplication.DLL

2) Make sure the target platform matches the IIS Application Pool's platform (2.0 vs 2.0 or 4.0 vs 4.0)

Activation File

As of Version 6.xx.0.54 of the .NET version an activation file is available to allow license activation to be controlled via an external file.  This is useful for services etc. where the GUI is not available, but must not be confused with Signature Based Licencing, which is machine independent.

Using DicomObjects.NET on Mono framework

As of version 6.XX.0.26 of DicomObjects .NET, we have integrated Mono support in DicomObjects. This is a beta version and is in an unstable phase of debugging and testing..!
The main objective of this release is amalgamating DicomObjects .NET release & Mono version into one main Release. There are other good reasons too, and for developers' ease as well.
We are aiming to be able to run on multiple platforms where developers can utilize the same underlying toolkit features on different machines.

How to make SLAB in 3D

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