Troubleshooting licence problems

This page describes the initial steps you could follow to troubleshoot a licensing problem. The flowchart given below is a simple diagnostic route to identifying the actual problem.


Links to the tools and articles that is mentioned in the diagram above:

Configuring Namespace Reservations

Due to the increased security in Windows 7 and Vista if you require a portion of the HTTP URL namespace (i.e. http://+:80/MyPortion) Then It must be assign by an administrator from the command line. This is of particular importance to those implementing Jpip or Wado servers.

The Command to assign the http portion is

netsh http add urlacl url=http://+:80/MyUri user=DOMAIN\user

For more details please see the MSDN page


XDS for Imaging (XDS-I) is an extension to the IHE XDS protocol explicitly for imaging, which stores a DICOM Key_Image_Note (aka Key_Object_Selection_Document) as the stored object in the Document Repository which in turn lines to the images in the "Image Source" (normally the original PACS, or perhaps a regional equivalent).

Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise

Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) is an International collaboration, with the aim of improving the quality of IT integration in healthcare. DICOM and HL7 are the main protocols used.

For more information see the IHE Web site

Key Object Selection Document

A Object Selection Document can be thought of as a Structured_Report without the report!

Whilst this might sound stupid, it makes sense as they are used merely as a "manifest with a purpose", sharing most of the attributes of Structured_Reports.

There are multiple names by which this object type is commonly known:

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