UIDs are fundamental to DICOM and have many uses, including there being a unique one for each SOP_Class and for each Composite_Instance and each Normalised_Instance.

There are several rules for how a UID is constructed:

LabelType: doBitmap

We have to admit the term "doBitmap" is a bit confusing for most people. It is actually a DICOM term for "map of bits", not the common Bitmap graph. What you have for label type doLabelBitmap is a collection of dots, positions of which are specified in the Points property of that label object:

Say you want to create the following a logo at the top left hand corner of the viewer using bitmap

Then the code to generate the bitmap would be

WriteAVI problems

Following table shows our observation on some of the AVI codecs during WriteAVI testing:

Web Access to DICOM Persistent Objects (WADO)

WADO is a protocol (defined in DICOM Part 18) for retrieving DICOM Composite_Instances using the http or https protocols. It is simple to write a WADO server using DicomObjects - see the Example on the web

ImplementationUID and ImplementationName

The Implementation Identification information allows implementations of communicating AEs to identify each other at Association establishment time. It is intended to provide non-ambiguous version identification in the event of communication problems encountered between two nodes. This information only relates to the software on the machine, not the machine itself, so it is perfectly permission and normal for multiple pieces of equipment to have the same values. Guide

DicomServer is a generic DICOM server for public uses. It is built using DicomObjects and is provided for the following purposes:

General Purpose Worklist

DICOM General Purpose Worklist (GPWL) is a means to allow reporting of other worklists to be shared between systems in a vendor neutral manner. it is of course supported by DicomObjects but industry uptake has been very low, as vendors like to "tie" their PACS and reporting stations together using proprietary protocols.

It is based closely on the Modality_Worklist and Modality_Performed_Procedure_Step services, and is summed up by this diagram:

Photometric Interpretations

DICOM allows various relationships between the pixel data and how the image should be displayed. The values here are found in element 0028,0004 and every image should have that value.

All the following are supported by DicomObjects

Down Sampling an Image

A quick example on how to down size an image to an 8 bit image and resize down to 1/4 of the pixels.



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