How to Improve the Quality of Labels when Printing

Some users find that they get poor quality text, lines etc. when printing images to DICOM printers, especially when printing intrinsically small images, such as 256x256 MRIs or PET images.

Windowing and Scrolling Speed

This article explains how to make windowing, zooming and panning as fast and smooth as possible


Each version of DicomObjects can come in several "Sub-Versions" denoted by the last digit of the version string, and these are as follows:

.0 : This is a time-limited, trial copy (as used for free initial downloads). Your license file (if you have one) will not work with this copy!

.2 : This is a standard release version for normal developer use

.5 : This is also a standard developer release, but with inclusion of the DirectShow enhancements

Query Returns Nothing

Is Query Level Correct?

Normally, this problem is caused by querying the wrong level. For example, "Modality" (0008, 0060) is a Series Level attribute and if you set up query as a "STUDY" level query you won't get anything from such a query.

File Extension

What's the correct file extension for DICOM files?

Many people are using "DCM" as extension for DICOM files, but in fact there should be NO extension for DICOM files, as required by the DICOM Standard (parts 10-12). Characters in files names must all be uppercase, numbers 0-9 can also be used in file names, and the maximum filename length is 8 characters.

Moving average interpolation

Moving Average Interpolation is like Smoothing, but only applies to images where the zoom factor is <1 (i.e. they are minified.) Unlike Smoothing, this on by default, but can be disabled by setting Minification property of the image to doFilterReplicate.

Reasonable PACS Performance


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