Displaying DicomObjects COM Help File in Windows Vista/Win7

The Windows Help (WinHlp32.exe) program is no longer included with Vista or Windows 7, so people without it have found that our COM version help file "DicomObjects.HLP" is no longer working.

Retrieving by Accession Number

We are sometimes asked how to retrieve as study based on the accession number. This is only possible by doing an initial query to find the study UID(s) then using those in a retrieval.

Querying Patient Information by Modality

It is possible to query for Patient Information using a DICOM C-FIND operation with Modality as a filter, in order to find all patients who have ever had a series with a particular modality. This can be done by a STUDY root STUDY level C-FIND query. A DoRawQuery(QueryDataSet) method in COM version of DicomObjects or Find(QueryDataSet) method in .NET version is required with (0008,0061) being explicitly added as a modality to search for.

Store PresentationState into DicomImage

PresentationStates are normally saved as external files but sometimes people may want to store them within the associated DicomImage. Following vb code shows how to do it.

Dim ps As DicomDataSet
Dim sq As New DicomDataSets
Set ps = DicomImage.PresentationState
sq.Add ps
DicomImage.Attributes.AddExplicit group, element, "SQ", sq

And to pull out PrensetationState out of DicomImage:

Move DicomLabel when Image is Flipped/Rotated

Moving (using the mouse) DicomLabel could be a little bit tricky when the ImageTied is set to true and flip/rotate operations have been applied to the DicomImage.

The following sample vb6 code is referring to our DicomViewer VB6 sample program, where Label Moving is happening in DicomViewer's MouseMove event.

Pixel Shifting

Pixel shifting is a process used in conjunction with Mask_Subtraction to correct for movement of the patient between exposures, so as to give the best alignment and therefore the best masking of fixed structures possible. In general, there needs to be a different shift factor for each frame in an image (if there has been movement between the mask and the image frames, then there is also likely to be movement between the image frames!)

Mask Subtraction

Mask subtraction is very different in the COM and .NET versions of DicomObjects

Printing without using DicomPrint

Before the DicomPrint object was added to DicomObjects, it was necessary to do DICOM printing using a DicomConneciton object, and direct use of normalised operations. Since the addition (many years ago!) of the DicomPrint object, this is not normally necessary, but for those with specialised needs, or you wish to keep it asynchronous, it does have a use.

The code below gives a starting point for those wishing to do this themselves


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