Security Alert When used from a web page

DicomObjects may produce message box saying "DicomObjects Security Alert", like this one when running from a web browser:

This is not a bug, and is an important security feature, required to comply with the rules for ActiveX is the explanation:

MPEG-1 in DicomObjects (COM Version)

DICOM does not support or allow MPEG-1, and as the movement is towards higher versions of MPEG, it never will. So, those who wish to import MPEG-1 videos into DICOM should convert them to MPEG-2 and then import them, but for those who (for whatever reason) cannot, DicomObjects from onwards (only .5 versions support video) allows use of MPEG-1 via a private transfer syntax, which is 1.2.826.0.1.3680043.12.1.

The following rules/restrictions apply:

Sorting Images

DicomImages and DicomDataSets collection objects have a move method which can be used to swap the indices of 2 images or datasets within the collection.

Important Note Do not confuse the Move method with C-Move.

So if for example you wish to order the images within your DicomViewer control by instance number(00020,0013) you could use the move method combined with a classic bubble sort.


Printing "True Size" Images

We are often asked how to persuade a DICOM printer to print images (normally plain radiographs) "TRUE" size. This is normally possible (depending on the capabilities of the printer) but is harder than expected, as the DICOM standard requires most of the relevant attributes (pixel size etc.) to be removed from an image before it is sent to the printer :-( The problem is compounded by the fact that the default behaviour of almost all printers is "scale to fit" - fitting the image as best they can into the space available on the film.

Viewers not completely shown

MemoryMapping in Reading Files

There are two ways to control how DicomObjects reads files in terms of efficiency and RAM usage:

  • Setting DicomGlobal.CloseFilesAfterReading
  • Seting DicomGlobal.SetRegWord("DisableMemoryMapping", VALUE)

If you want DicomObjects to read the entire content of the file so that it loses the file handle and you have total control over the file after reading (you can modify or even delete the file), you set either CloseFilesAfterReading to true or DisableMemoryMapping to 1 (replace VALUE by 1).

In House Licensing Scheme


The main features of the new system are as follows:

Labview sample VIs

Import External Image into DICOM


Creating Secondary Capture Images

Any 'valid' Dicom Image is a conglomeration of Pixel data and several mandatory data attributes. To generate a Secondary Capture (SC) Image from existing non-Dicom image then all that is required is to load the required image into a DicomImage using the import function and then adding on the appropriate attributes. Dicom Objects will automatically take care of all the attributes relating to the pixel data (Group 0x0028).

Converting from DicomQuery to DicomConnection for Q/R

This article is not yet complete

All the DicomQuery-based operations can also be performed using a DicomConnection object, and doing so has several benefits:


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