DICOM Investigation

As noted on the DICOM Testing page, many commercial vendors have significant errors in their DICOM implementations, and whilst most of these do not cause significant problems, some do, often years after initial installation. This can often cause disagreements between vendors, with each blaming the other for the problem, often saying things like "our PACS equipment has been here for years without problems, so it must be your new equipment which is at fault" - sadly it is normally the older equipment which is at fault, but in these cases a "neutral" expert is required to arbitrate between the vendors.
Medical Connections' staff have the expertise to help in these situations, including the following services:

  • Analysis of logs and files
  • Passive "sniffing" of network traffic
  • Writing of reports to analyse the problem, and suggest solutions

Please contact sales@medicalconnections.co.uk for more details of terms, rates and availability.