DICOM Testing

Whilst DICOM is a well-established standard, which has now been in place for 18 years, it is a sad fact of life that many (some would say most) vendors have significant errors in their implementations. Fortunately, most DICOM applications are quite tolerant of such problems, but every now and then they can cause major problems, sometimes years after initial installation (e.g. when the customer install's a new system to which the older system has to connect). This can cause major difficulties for both vendors and customers, so it would be in everyone's interests for such anomalies to be identified before installation rather than after.
The staff at Medical Connections have many years experience of identifying such problems, not only through experience of users of the DicomObjects toolkit, but they have also worked as independent monitors at IHE European connectathons and contributed to other testing programmes such as the American Veterinary "DICOM Showdown".
Three main type of testing are offered:

  • Checking of DICOM "objects" (such as images, structured reports etc.) to confirm whether they conform to the rules for the chosen SOP class.
  • Checking of network transactions to see if all mandatory fields are offered and supported. This is particularly useful for query/retrieve and modality worklist applications and servers.
  • More extensive testing, testing the tolerance of applications to minimalist data received from other sources.

All the above services are available to both vendors, for assessing the market-readiness of their applications, and also to prospective buyers, before committing to purchase. Post-installation diagnosis of problems is also possible, but is generally more difficult and can be antagonistic (see the Investigation page), so pre-installation assessment is definitely preferred. In most cases this can be performed remotely over the Internet.
Please contact sales@medicalconnections.co.uk for more details of terms and rates.