DicomObjects NET V8 examples

To obtain a complete package of examples and help file, please download our installer from https://www.medicalconnections.co.uk/Request.NET.  If you fill out the form with your email address we will send you a 60 day trial for this product by email. 

If you would like to download our samples individually, the links are provided below, but please note that these samples will only work if you already have a suitable copy of DicomObjects, and if you adjust the references in the downloaded project to point to those DicomObjects and associated DLLs.

If you have any questions, please contact support@medicalconnections.co.uk

Sample Projects



Basic Dicom Viewer This sample showcases the majority of the DicomObjects display functionality, including 2D & 3D image display, manipulation and addition of annotations Download
Dicom Web Viewer Simple web/HTML5 viewer/server combination Download
Structured Report Viewer Shows how to parse a DICOM Structured Report object and display by converting to HTML Download
DICOM DIR Reader This sample demonstrates reading of a DICOMDIR, including how to list and access the files on the media Download
Dicom Router An example of how to use DicomObjects to construct a 'pass-through' router to do aggregation, compression and conversion betwen C-GET & C-MOVE Download
Dicom Server The basic skeleton of a PACS server, showing how to receive images, answer queries, and send images when requested Download
Encryption Demonstration This sample shows how to implement DICOM communications over TLS and how to create and read encrypted DICOM files. Download
Key Object Note This sample shows how to generate a basic Key Object Note document which references a set of DICOM objects Download
License Manager This sample shows how to manage DicomObjects licences on your system. It demonstrates the basic functions to add or remove licences. Download
License Manager (Compiled) This is the compiled version of the License manager above, provided for convenience. Download
MPPS Modality Performed Procedure Step (MPPS) SCU/SCP pair Download
Modality worklist Modality worklist (MWL) SCU/SCP pair Download
Printer Server Sample DICOM Print Server which receives DICOM print instructions and prints to a Windows printer Download
Storage Commitment Storage Commitment (MPPS) client/server pair Download


Please note that all these examples require the latest official version of DicomObjects V8.

Contact support@medicalconnections.co.uk if you have problems viewing this page.

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