3D in DicomObjects.NET

DicomObjects includes 3D functionality, including MPR, MIP & VR.

Here is a summary of how the 3D works, and the status

Several important parts of the DicomImage object have been virtualised to allow the new 3D image derived classes to work in an equivalent matter, especially by being included in a DicomViewer's Images collection.

3 classes share the same basic "camera" operations such as rotations and translation, all of which are defined in terms of the current view orientation and scaling to keep life simple

Main classes

DicomVolume Holds a volume, which can be used by multiple DicomImage3D objects
DicomImageMPR Displays an Multi-planar reformated image
DicomImageMIP Displays a maximum intensity projection image
DicomImageVR Displays a volume rendered image

Current Limitations

  • Measurement labels are not currently supported
  • It is not particularly memory efficient

Planned Enhancements

  • Fix above limitations!
  • Add an "Auto" rendering type to allow DicomObjects to decide the most efficient rendering method
  • Improve rendering speed

I hope that this will be enough to get started for now, but feel free to contact us with any questions as they arise - this page will be updated to reflect any changes.

And to download our sample 3D viewer go to our Examples page.


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